Mona Lisa is moving – what does it take to keep her safe?

Mona Lisa in the Louvre


Image captionMona Lisa has been displayed in the Salle des États in the Louvre since 2005

Mona Lisa is moving – what does it take to keep her safe?

Is “Salvator Mundi” a real da Vinci?

Is “Salvator Mundi” a real da Vinci?

Two years ago, the painting titled “Salvator Mundi,” set a record as the most expensive piece of art ever sold at an auction. The image of Jesus is one of fewer than two dozen works attributed to renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. But in a new book, one author paints a different picture, questioning if the painting is a genuine Leonardo. Author Ben Lewis joins “CBS This Morning Saturday.”


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New Banksy’s Artwork Exhibited in Venice

Banksy shows off new artwork of giant cruise ship in the middle of Venice.

By Reuters

Banksy has released a video on social media of some new artwork in Venice, Italy.

The street artist wrote that he set up a stall in Venice during the Biennale, which is a very important yearly art show.

It’s been titled ‘Venice in Oil’.

Banksy’s artwork has appeared in the middle of the city where he highlighted the ongoing issue of big cruise ships docking in the canals in Venice.

Cat looking at the title of Banksy's new artwork - 'Venice in Oil'.

The artwork shows a large ship floating in the city’s Grand Canal surrounded by men on gondolas.

Local police eventually moved Banksy and the artwork away from the city’s iconic St Mark’s Square.

Banksy is known for making controversial works of art that leave many people talking about lots of different issues that the famous artist thinks are important.

Who is Banksy?
Graffiti of Banksy's name.

Banksy’s real identity is a secret so no-one actually knows who he or she is.

The street artist produces pieces of work, which pop up in public places, such as on the walls of buildings.

A lot of Banksy’s art is done in a particular style which people can easily recognise.

Banksy quickly became well known as an artist who would poke fun at big companies and send political messages through his work.

Source: BBC Newsround